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Welcome to Indians for Christ Church.

We want you to feel at home as there is place for everyone in our church. Our doors and hearts are always open to people of all groups and backgrounds. So, in the spirit of IFC, “Welcome! Let us know how we can make your visit enjoyable?”

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3:30 PM, Sundays.

[paragraph extra=””][label type=”label-danger”]Parent with Kids[/label]

Bring your children! We’re glad they’re here! We provide special classes for children up through 8th grade.

Please bring your children, with you to the service. After the praise and worship, these children will be dismissed to their classes. Their teachers will walk them to class. (If you like, you are welcome at that time to go with your children, check out the classroom, and meet the teachers).

Children are also permitted to stay with you for the whole worship service if you prefer.

[paragraph extra=””][label type=”label-danger”]Let us Know You Were Here[/label]

Our Pastor and admin council members would love to talk to you, so feel free to introduce yourself.

Please join us from anywhere in Maryland MD, Virginia VA and Washington DC metro area.


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