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Junior Bible Quizzing (JBQ) was created and designed to help children develop a love for the Bible and an understanding that its truth can guide their daily lives. This Program enables the children to memorize the bible verses and to learn more about God’s word. Bible Quizzing offers a fun, exciting way to motivate children to understand the all-important truths in God’s Word. JBQ is the fastest growing discipleship program in children’s ministry.
Through cooperative learning, children work together in teams to learn and understand the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pack. Then, using cooperative competition, the children meet with other church teams for a fun quizzing match. There are twenty questions in a match, with two teams of quizzers trying to beat each other to the buzzers to get the first shot at the answers.

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JBQ is divided into a primary division and a junior division. The primary division consists of 1st-3rd graders and covers 288 questions. The junior level consists of 4th-6th graders and covers 576 questions. The primary questions are easier than the junior questions and the competition isn’t as serious. The purpose of the Primary level is to get the kids started in JBQ and to expose them to the way quizzing works and to some of the questions they will need to know as juniors. The highest level of competition available for the primary division is District-level. The Junior level is a bit more serious. These kids are pushed a little bit harder and more is demanded of them. They are responsible for more questions and the rules tend to be enforced to a higher degree. Quizzers must display a high level of self-discipline in order to be successful.
Our church (IFC) has got an opportunity to join with JBQ – Baltimore league for their matches.

Find the tournaments schedule for the season 2015-2016 below:
JBQ Tournament Information
Check out the latest Practice Meet results
2018 Tournament Meet Results

For more information contact our Pastor or admin council.

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