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Dear Members,

By the grace of God, we will be worshiping in-person at Silver Spring United Methodist Church (SUMC) located at 8900 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD starting this coming Sunday, (October 11, 2020).

We had an in-person service last Sunday (October 4, 2020) with few members of the committee and worship team, attending. I am sure most of you participated via Zoom. We feel comfortable we can conduct live service going forward, without any safety issues for the worshippers.

As required by Montgomery County and SUMC (our landlord), we have to limit the number of worshippers. As of now (for October 11, 2020) we will limit the number of worshippers to thirty five (35). This does not include the pastor, committee members and worship team.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to attend in person on a first come basis.

We have opened an account with Signup Genius.

Sign Up Sunday In-Person Worship

Once you register thru the link provided, the number 35 will automatically get reduced. Once 35 slots are filled, you will not be able to register.

We request those who attend coming Sunday (10/11/20) to wait to register for the next week so that others will have an opportunity to attend. You will get an email confirmation.

After registration, for some reason you are unable to attend, please go to the site and remove your registration immediately. This will allow people who could not register earlier, can use your slots. The registration will start @ 9:00 PM today.

We will notify what time the registration will open up for October 19th 2020 during the Service on October 11, 2020.

Please note this is a work in progress. We seek your understanding. Let’s pray God will guide us and that the number of participants allowed will go up, in the coming weeks.

1. Make sure your temperature is checked before you enter the Sanctuary.
2. Ensure you have signed and submitted COVID-19 IFC Waiver Form.

3. Service will start @ 9:30 AM. The main doors will be closed by 9:30 AM due to security reasons.
4. Please keep your mask (above 2 years old) on throughout the worship time except when you take the communion (in your seat) and maintain social distancing by always keeping 6 feet distance from others who are not your family members.
5. Please make sure children always stays with you.
6. Please only sing in your mind.
7. When you come to get communion, please come in one line through the center (keeping a safe distance); return to your place thru the other side. Use the hand sanitizer before you take the communion cup.
8. Place the offering in the basket when you come to get communion.
9. Please look around to make sure your area is clear.
10. Leave the sanctuary immediately after service one by one.
11. We have to leave the building by 11:00 AM.
12. Please aware that these are some of the conditions according to CDC guidelines place you as person at risk to get COVID infection:

People at Increased Risk: According to CDC guidelines these are the category of people Who Need to Take Extra Precautions: Risk for Severe Illness Increases with Age: People in their 60s or 70s are, in general, at higher risk for severe illness than people in their 50s. The greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19 is among those aged 85 or older. People with Certain Medical Conditions : Diabetes, Asthma (moderate-to-severe), Obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 30 or higher), Serious heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies, Immunocompromised state (weakened immune system)

Note: There is only one rest room (in the same level) available for our use.

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